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          In the morning of October 26, 2012, the deputy director of the National Center for Torch  Duan Junhu base Industry Director Song Shaogang, Huangshan Kechuan, vice president of high-tech industries Herald Mei Wang and his entourage to visit the member companies of the Group, a research and guide the work of the incubator, Huangshan Municipal Government DeputyMayor Huang Lin Mu, at the provincial Science and Technology high-tech researcher tube Rongsheng the Huangshan City Economic Development Zone, deputy director Wang made of steel, the Huangshan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, deputy director of Wang Xiaoying, Group Chairman Jiang Jizhong, Kechuan general manager Jiang Jinhua, accompanied by research.
          Deputy Director Duan Junhu and his party to give high praise Huangshan Kechuan around the industry built platform incubation mode, the TEXWINCA around the Group‘s industrial investment incubator of initiatives to give certainly hope incubators continue to do a good job platform construction, high-quality platform services for the enterprises in the park , and actively guide the enterprises in the park to promote local industry chain, to promote the development of local industrial clusters.

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