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          19-20 August 2012, hosted by the University Science and Technology China Group and China University - Huangshan Yongjia film technology and film material joint R & D center in association with high-level seminar "Cross-Strait fourth film science and technology" and the "Huangshan Cup first doctoral Forum successfully held in Huangshan.

           Vice Mayor Huang Lin Mu, Chinese Academy of Engineering from chieh, Taiwan side behalf Professor Junyi Lai (Taiwan Chung Yuan Christian University), Chinese Academy of cross-strait cooperation in science and technology, deputy director Zhang Songlin, Group Chairman Jiang Jizhong speech at the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. City Secretary Liu Ying, Gwangju, Korea Institute Science and Technology Culture Professor Shenxuan Wen , head of the Office USTC Hong Sunzhong Jian, Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan Professor Li Kuiran, attended the meeting. meeting chaired by Professor USTC, Huangshan Yongjia film technology and film material director Joint Research Center China University - Xu Tongwen.
          Membrane science and technology high-level seminar cross-strait cross-strait co-sponsored high-level academic exchanges, represents the highest level cross-strait Membrane Science and Technology, designed display and exchange of cross-strait membrane science and technology research focus, developments and the latest scientific and technological achievements discuss membrane materials and components in development production and iron and steel, metallurgy, chemical, electronics, food, water reuse and environmental protection and other fields, exchange research experiences, sharing research results, to promote cross membrane science and technology R & D and application common development, promote cross-strait exchanges and communication IT related fields, play an important role in promoting. Meanwhile, the meeting was first introduced in the field of science and technology doctoral Forum cross-strait film, promote cross-strait exchange doctoral, provides a wider platform for development membrane science and technology.

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