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    April 27, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office announced to the public a list of recently identified a number of well-known trademarks, Novel "Novel" and Xie Yuda "of “Xie Zhengan and Picture” trademarks Wing out of them.
    Chinese well-known trademarks in China is widely known to the relevant public and enjoys high reputation of the trademark, not only has the general trademarks difference role, have a strong competitive edge, high-profile, affecting a wide range, consumers, operators well-known and trusted, with the commercial value of more stringent legal protection: of Article 13 is not the same or dissimilar goods trademark application for registration is a reproduction, imitation or translation of another person has been registered in China well-known trademarks to mislead the public, resulting in the well-known trademark registrant to be in jeopardy, shall not be registered and the Prohibition of the Use.

   "Novel" and "Xie Zhengan and Picture” has been identified for well-known trademarks in China, not only marked the two companies to achieve a breakthrough in brand building, but also means that the two brands in the course of the addition of a number of legal protection.

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